Friday, March 16, 2012

3.16.2012 ~ Lovely Locks


Brushing out the lovely locks...


The ponytail...

Measuring one last time...

The cut...

8 INCHES!!!  What a great gift!  We are so proud of this young lady!!!

Signing her name to the "Beautiful Lengths" shamrocks...

After the festivities were done at school, all the girls were treated to fresh hair cuts.  This little lady wanted to have her hair shorter.  Too bad she didn't have enough hair to donate this time.

An this littlest lady got her third hair cut EVER.  Her strawberry-blond locks were all straightened up and then our hair dresser had fun playing with with her hair.

Lovely ladies!!! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9.20.11 -- Yesterday's Gifts

With a collection box now placed in the school, it is hard to allow things to pile up there.  Riley brought out all that had come in for the day on Monday.  In addition, we have received some more items at our home.

Thank you for these gifts!  They will certainly bring smiles to some faces!

In addition, thank you for the monetary donations!  Some wonderful gifts will be purchased with the over $400 that has already been received!

Monday, September 19, 2011

9.16.2011 -- It is always fun... see what gifts will be received first.  On Friday, September 16th, we received a package from Hobart, Indiana and a dropped off gift in the box on our front porch.

Thank you for these contributions to Dylan's Gifts 2011!

Friday, September 16, 2011

9.16.2011 -- Hey Facebook Fans!!!

Dylan spent almost 48 hours at Hope Children's Hospital starting on the morning Sept. 16 until his passing on Sept. 18, 2006.  In honor of his time in the care of such a wonderful medical staff, please "like" Dylan's Gifts on Facebook today.  Let's see if we can get more than 48 followers join in to watch the efforts of Dylan's Gifts 2011.  Thank you in advance!!!

9.15.2011 ~ Another year of collection...

...and we are underway! We are so excited by all the love and support that we continue to receive for our efforts to ease the hospital stays of children and their families at Advocate Hope Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House near Advocate Hope Children's Hospital. Most of all, we are deeply touched by all who desire to continue to honor Dylan's brief life along with us. Words can never adequately express our complete appreciation!
And the first GIFTS have arrived at our home. Thank you to this mystery giver!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10.11.10 -- Delivery Day 2010

Arriving at Hope Children's Hospital, the girls took no time grabbing a wagon and getting to work unloading the vehicles. Through the entire process of Dylan's Gifts, it has been amazing to see how much they have been able to do all by themselves this year.

Of course, we had several large boxes that the girls still can't quite get on their own.

Even though she is not big enough to help carry yet, she enjoyed being a part of the day and watching the big girls keep walking by as she waited in the stroller.

Presenting the Disney Princess portable DVD player...

And the Disney Cars portable DVD player...

And 2 more portable DVD players, a Leapster and a DSi (all with accessories)...

Giving out Dylan's Gifts was extra special as the girls were able to give a toy to a young boy and his sister. (They have always hoped that siblings also have received some of Dylan's Gifts.)

As we finished up the delivery, the girls enjoyed a quick ride in the wagons.
This cart full of boxes made an amazing sight as it headed into the Hospital.
In the girls' own words, "Thank you so much. This year, we gave over 1,700 gifts to Hope Children's Hospital. With the donated money, we bought a DSi, Leapster and four portable DVD players and their accessories."

Dylan's Gifts continues to provide so many children with so much joy, because we are helped by so many people! Thank you to all who supported our efforts in 2010 and honored Dylan along with us!

10.10.10 -- All Ready to Go!

Three boxes of activity books, sticker books, coloring books, notepads and paper.

Five boxes of tightly packed, brand new books.

Four boxes of crayons (most are boxes of 24 crayons) and markers.

Something that was extra special this year is that with the money that was donated, we were able to pick out four portable DVD players (one was a Disney Princess style and one was a Disney Cars style) and movies, a DSi and several accessories, and a Leapster with its accessories, too. We know that many children will be able to enjoy these gifts.
The Pillow Pets were also very special and we know that some lucky children will like to cuddle with these.
All the boxes are ready to be loaded for delivery.
These smiles tell a great story!