Monday, August 24, 2009

9.17.08 - Another amazing gift!!!

Today, we picked up a HUGE donation that was delivered to the Church Rectory. A total of over 15 boxes and bags FULL of books were given to Dylan's Gifts. Matt counted out over 75 books in just one bag alone!!! We are all OVERWHELMED by the continual support by family, friends and now strangers!!!

An update on this HUGE donation of books... We were unable to sort these books (as requested by the Hospital) in order to include these books with our delivery of gifts on September 18, 2008. However, we are very excited to share that with this HUGE donation, Dylan's Gifts will now help to fill the book shelves in the newly redecorated waiting rooms on each of Hope Children's Hospital's 3 floors. This is an effort that will be very near and dear to our hearts as even Hannah & Riley know what it is like to spend time in these waiting rooms.

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