Saturday, September 12, 2009

5.22.09 - A meal for the Ronald McDonald House

On Friday, May 22, our little family prepared a huge taco meal with all the fixings for the Ronald McDonald House adjacent to Hope Children's Hospital. The House was slated to be FULL, but we were so happy to hear that a couple families were sent home earlier in the day as their children were released from the Hospital just in time for the long holiday weekend.

All packed up and ready to go (food enough for 40!)...

After Hannah and Riley helped with much of the meal preparation and we all ate with the House guests, they were able to enjoy playing with some of the other children in the playroom while we cleaned up the kitchen.
Two tired girls insisted on having their picture taken with Ronald McDonald. (The truth is, this is the only Ronald McDonald that Riley will go near. She is still very afraid of the real Ronald.)
The best part about this night (as I now post this many months later), is that Hannah and Riley still talk about what fun they had making the meal for the families who were staying at the Ronald McDonald House. I share this moment in our lives, not only because we get to see some of Dylan's Gifts while we are at the House, but also because Hannah shares that she "loves visiting the Ronald McDonald House because it makes her think of Dylan." I am pretty certain that if it weren't for Dylan, we would not have the amazing experiences such as these that we continue to have with the Hospital today. Just one more reason why we remain so thankful for the little boy who changed our lives forever!

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