Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10.15.09 - All boxed up and ready to GO!

Since we are often asked about what Dylan's Gifts delivers to Hope Children's Hospital, we thought it would be nice to share the many filled boxes...

The box on the left is full of small activity books, journals and the likes. The box on the right is full of Match Box cars.
A box of crayon boxes, another box stuffed with coloring books and 6 boxes of books...

The box on the left contains little activities and toys, the box on the right is full of various puzzles and the box behind them is filled with arts and crafts supplies. Also shown here is a larger toy that is perfect for littler ones.
With this year's delivery being so close to Halloween, we were able to fill a box of just Halloween items!
A box of active play toys and things for pretend play.
Some of our bigger boxes... loaded and HEAVY!
Games, games and more games!
Stuffed animals and puppets!
We are happy to report that for two years in a row, our largest box has been filled with toys for little ones (3 years old and younger).
A box filled with toys that are great for the boys!
And a box with things that would be perfect for girls!
Magic kits and boxes of sticker sets!
This picture will be a special reminder to us of Hannah's constant compassion. She went to great lengths to make sure that we ordered this book from her book orders for some special boy or girl.

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